Alternate Routes (complete proyect)
Ricardo Duarte
Lorenza Aranguren’s distinctive vision captures images: documenting architectural space that challenges the whole concept of ‘habitable’. Her photos are reflections and visual metaphors, and along these alternate routes the viewer becomes part of an experience: we’re invited to ponder and re-think how an individual relates to space. Aranguren, thoroughly versed in various techniques, takes a knowing look at new visual media: then lets us know, for good and all, that a totally contemporary discourse, from process through tangible result, can arise using traditional techniques. Her abstract language lets her eye, through the lens, synthesize shape, color and texture. Her vision adeptly departs from the concrete to deconstruct and articulate a new language, one based not only in the aesthetic or visual but also coming from philosophical analysis, from human thought; showing us how the spaces with which we interact can permanently defy us, shape-shifting and changing constantly, becoming chaos and composure all at once. Constructing and reconstructing is a permanent thought experiment that allows us to deeply know the chosen object, whether an image or the relationship between us and any given image, individually or as part of a community. Constructing and deconstructing, we diversify and amplify media, process and language; creating a sort of new alphabet, well-suited to creating unexpected visual metaphors. Moving out from photography to printmaking, to painting or textile art, follows these variations: new dialogues between techniques as rich and diverse, specific and complex, classic and contemporary, as free and clear as the processes and media Lorenza Araguren now presents to us. The Vías Alternas exhibit presents an aesthetic experience on several levels, from the viewer’s perception, the different technical media in which they were created, and from the artist’s ever-evolving creative process. We see in them something chaotic and elegant all at once, a reflection of my current hopes for resisting all that’s overcrowded and congested, glutted and indifferent. We’re led to reflect on today’s way of life; the super-rapid and rapacious growth of our great cities.