Because sometimes i lie 2016
Because sometimes I lie
Cecilia Eudave

You’re now playing this game, viewer, because sometimes you lie; while taking in the figures, colors and shapes that each image suggests to you, you’re reinventing the world. So Lorenza Aranguren invites you to watch how she sometimes lies, by completely or partly concealing concrete reality, handing it back to you as fine brushstrokes in motion; intersecting, converging or diverging. Telling you that there, where the brisk cold of an unmistakable idea seemed to live, is the warmth of a color that mutates from sheer emotion. See for yourself: nothing in these pieces is arbitrary. They’re put together like puzzle pieces from the fictions of life, whose aesthetic captivates us. Which is why the abstracts on exhibit stimulate us so, as they wrest the paradox from the lie: it’s what I see and it isn’t, what I think and then again not, what I feel but no, what I am and never was… Ambiguity and vanishing points, the happenstance of random lines; distancing and distending themselves until sensations are seen in relief, or on yet another plane. In this exhibit you see a synthetic process, Lorenza Aranguren as she weaves through and fine-tunes various forms of expression. The artist has reached a turning point where the lie might either be an actual falsehood, or a selective truth about herself or others. And so she allows herself to be led, while luminously leading you, through layers of creation: offering you her clearest truth.