DNA 2004-2005
Life’s arrow
Febrero 2004
Francisco Javier Ibarra

By its very nature a genuine voyage means taking risks, as does true artistic creation, or a life profoundly-lived. Going beyond the foreseeable, the planned, what’s been sketched out by an invisible hand to mark the hours. Intuition, the knowledge that by escaping tourist routes as we travel, we’ll arrive at an understanding and feeling for a place. Seeking, creating one’s own language may mean truly expressing the shape and content of what can be communicated via artistic media. By living and remaining conscious of our capacity to choose, we make sense of our individual and shared paths upon the earth. In other words, we believe that there’s always ‘something more’ that moves, seduces, captivates and makes way for new possibilities.

From this perspective, Lorenza Aranguren’s exhibit titled DNA is a risk consciously and freely taken by the Jaliscan artist, who’s wholly consumed by her will to create, eager to play, to experiment, to walk life’s tightrope, to research in painterly terms the source and the outcome, to thumb her nose at chance, to go beyond.
In these paintings oil and wax co-exist, reds and ochres, greens and oranges, black and white, searching and finding, excess and balance, chance and exactitude . Lorenza Aranguren portrays a journey along vital access roads, via the language of abstraction: evocations of a universe throbbing under the skin, in each movement, every possibility of embodiment, every way of coming to an end, each sequence of contradiction and absurdity, every destiny coursing through the veins, every gap in eternity.
The truth of Lorenza Aranguren’s paintings, canvases where she comes alive as a contemporary painter, lies in her dedication to asking palpable, essential questions that most people might often prefer not to raise: where do we come from? where are we going? what are we? just how is life possible? what is death? is immortality possible? is time just a conventional measurement? And finally, do we return to eternal ‘conservation of matter’ or is there something on the other side? Are death and life two masks upon the same face?
The paintings Lorenza Aranguren is now showing are a way of responding to such questions: with silence and mystery. In her canvases, longing to breathe free, DNA keeps spinning its golden helix, time’s arrow never pauses, textures are chromosomes challenging the gaze, diversity flourishes in a garden with no more restrictions than those imposed by life itself; the genetic code evaporates into color’s expressive intensity, configured to be scrutinized and deciphered, the black hole of temporality fascinates and repels, disturbs and charms; the existential journey is an invitation, an incitement, a chance you can’t resist taking.
With no wish to have her canvases become documentary accounts of contemporary scientific paradigms for the language of painterly abstraction, Lorenza Aranguren has managed to fashion a genuine aesthetic experience, an act of creativity and imagination, a bedazzlement. Life and art imitate one another, unfold, challenge, intertwine and go their own ways, look in the mirror and open our eyes, throw dogmas and conventions into perspective, artifices, convictions, all sorts of strings-attached, or in other words everything that makes existence a mockery of what it really might be.